Physical Property Testing

We have the necessary equipment and experience to test the physical limits of product and internal quality standards. We perform a full range of physical-property testing, and we specialize in designing test assemblies for developmental products.

Structural Performance Testing and Quality Assurance

Performance-based products such as structural plywood and OSB through PS1 and PS2 certification now have increased requirements. We conduct the necessary structural tests to ensure your products are compliant with performance standards.

We offer certification for U.S. Voluntary Product Standards, Model Code Agencies (IBC & IRC), the Proprietary Codes, California Department of State Architecture (DSA), city of Los Angeles, the state of Florida and JAS certification for Japan.

Product Certification

Our trademark assures customers that your products have met applicable product standards. National building code groups, foreign trade groups, and local and federal government agencies all recognize the BMH laboratory testing trademark, which is backed by our reputation as one of the world’s most experienced independent-testing laboratories.

New Product Development

We have a long history of assisting with the development of new products. We use a wide range of testing and analytical capabilities to reduce design error and control production costs. Our highly trained engineers, chemists, biologists, geologists, scientists and technicians have qualified dozens of products and systems for code approval, thanks to our international accreditations.

Industrial Hygiene

We provide comprehensive services to accurately monitor your workplace—from initial manufacturing plants to product fabrication facilities—for compliance with OSHA’s wood dust permissible exposure limits (PEL). We also offer a variety of industrial hygiene and environmental management services, including hazmat guidance and remediation solutions.